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Flourish LAB.


about us


It’s time to look at the whole picture:
Innovation and tradition, body, mind and spirit — working together.


At Flourish LAB we guide our community towards optimal health through a truly holistic approach to wellness.


Our mission is to offer a pioneering Wellbeing Centre, accessible to people from all walks of life, all demographics and all communities in and around Luxembourg. We are committed to providing inspirational classes, workshops, clinics, talks and treatments. We offer a diverse range of approaches for all ages, from physical and mental wellbeing to transformational life-skills training. We aim to create a friendly environment where people feel safe, flourish and find the resources to fulfil their true potential.

At Flourish LAB we’re fortunate to work with an amazing team of talented people, from a range of diverse

international, professional  & therapeutic backgrounds.  Even more importantly, we (and you) get to work with a group of genuinely nice people!

let me introduce you to some wonderful people

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Psychologist | Founder Flourish LAB 

In a warm, safe, compassionate space, I use a variety of techniques adapted your personality style, needs and goals. My approaches are primarily rooted in Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, understanding the connections between thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. I use Eastern techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, controlled breathing, and relaxation skills, to assist all clients and incorporate principles from empirically supported Western treatment techniques reflecting the most up-to-date research. Read more


Psychologue Clinique


Formada em Psicologia pela PucCampinas há 15 anos Mestrado em Psicologia Clínica em “Sentido de Vida para Jovens Adultos” abordagem Fenomenológica – Puc Campinas
Doutoranda pela USP em Psicologia Social
Professora Universitária na Universidade Paulista (Unip)- Supervisora casos clínicos em Abordagem Fenomenológica
Especialista em Morte, Perdas e Luto pelo Instituto 4 Estações – SP
Especialista em Abordagem Sistêmica, Terapia Casal e Família pela Academia Psicotarapia Familiar Maurizio Andolfi- Roma, Itália
Psicoterapeuta colaboradora Instituto Maurizio Andolfi – Roma, Itália
Treinamento e Habilitação em Executive Coach pela NPL Roma, Itália
Atendimento em língua Portuguesa e Italianation. Contact me


Clinical and Health Psychologist


Rute Tomás is a clinical and health psychologist, who works with children, adolescents and young adults.


Originally from Portugal, she earned her Master’s degree in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) from the University of Coimbra, specializing in eating disorders. In a later stage, Rute completed her PhD in Psychology from the University of Luxembourg, with a focus on cognitive and developmental psychology. As part of her studies, she also received training in other approaches such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT).

During her practice, Rute has worked with a wide range of conditions, covering areas such as depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, body image, behaviour management and self-esteem. Her approach to therapy commences with a thorough assessment and customized treatment planning, building a therapeutic alliance with the client to deliver an effective treatment in a collaborative environment.

Rute Tomás is a licensed Psychologist registered with the Portuguese Psychologists Border (No. 14328).  She delivers therapy in Portuguese and English.


For additional information visit Rute’s website: RuteTomas

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 Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy | Person Centred Therapy | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

In an ever more challenging and stress filled world, there are times when we become overwhelmed and struggle to cope with the day to day challenges that life can throw our way. Sam uses a combination of Person Centred, Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy to help clients deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, work stress and relationship issues. Contact Me.



Certified Coach |  Founder of  I COACHING U | Individual Sessions | Groups | Conferences

I am a certified coach specialising in personal and professional development. I make the commitment to help you to achieve your goals, to change, to integrate your newly-learned skills, to achieve performance improvement, and to help you find your inner peace using a dynamic and positive process. When everything goes down and you are struggling with your daily tasks, it's important to reach out and find a warm and thoughtful listener. This is what I offer you. I specialize in burnout, stress management and their associated psychosocial risks. Our society fully exposes us to these major problems and it is important for me to help people during this process and in times of critical life transitions. The coaching process is above all a moment to meet and illuminate oneself, a time of change. I also offer mental strength coaching to athletes and follow them along their career path.

Contact Me.



 Reiki Master |  Theta Healing | Mindfulness


I have 15 years of experience as a Reiki and Meditation practitioner and have been fully dedicated to teach and give alternative therapies since 2015. I am always looking for new ways of self-Improvement through my daily practice (or new healing techniques) to become a better version of myself when I teach or treat. I adapt myself to your needs:

  • Deep transformation and self-acceptance

  • Support during challenging situations

  • Quiet moment to relax yourself

  • Bring spirituality into daily life activities

I am open to meet you in one to one session (private or online) in groups or in corporate programs.


Contact Me.

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 Reiki Master |  Energetic Touch

Contact me



Née à Luxembourg et issue d’une famille d’origine portugaise aujourd’hui je suis maman, sophrologue et femme active dans le milieu financier depuis 10 ans. Au long de ma carrière professionnelle, j’ai eu le temps de découvrir  les exigences de ce milieu qui demande beaucoup d’énergie, de persévérance et de recul.


Grâce à la Sophrologie Caycédienne, je parviens de mieux en mieux à trouver un équilibre corps-esprit pour être en accord avec mes valeurs et celles de la société dans laquelle je vis.

Aujourd'hui, je parviens de mieux en mieux à concilier vie privée et vie professionnelle.  Forte de ma propre expérience, je souhaite maintenant apporter aux futures mères, auenfants, aux adolescents, aux parents et plus généralement à toute personne intéressée, lesoutils de cette discipline qui s’adapte à chacun en fonction des besoins qui lui sont propres.


Avec la Sophrologie Caycédienne, développée pendant 60 ans, par le psychiatre Dr Alfonso Caycedo, il est possible de mieux se connaître, gérer le stress quotidien et les émotions afin d’augmenter efficacité personnelle et professionnelle, tout en améliorant sa qualité de vie. Contact me




Grâce à la sophrologie, je vous accompagne dans l’apprentissage d'outils simples pour identifier vos propres ressources personnelles. Ces ressources vont vous permettre de mieux vous connaître et d’accéder de manière lucide à votre propre sécurité intérieure et à un mieux-être durable.


As a sophrologist, I offer you support and help you to learn simple tools and identify your own personal ressources. These ressources will help you to understand yourself better and discover your inner security so that you can enjoy a sustainable well-being.

Contact Me


ThetaHealing Practitioner | Life Coach

I am a certified ThetaHealing practitioner, life coach and a teacher of different holistic techniques and methods for achieving emotional well-being.
My mission is to help people find their own balance and to support and guide them in the process. I believe that by opening our hearts and minds we are all able to experience life’s full potential, filled with joy and creativity. I organize workshops and group therapy activities at Flourish LAB as well as offering private ThetaHealing and life coaching sessions. Take a look at my Facebook page “Elena’s Vision” for more details.


Chinese Medecine +| Acupuncture

Telmo Canas, a specialist in Acupuncture, completed his degree in Chinese Medicine at the Portuguese Institute of Naturology, one of the most prestigious Universities in Natural Medicine in Portugal recognized by the European Association of Natural Medicine, completing his clinical internship with honors in the BragaVital Clinic. Telmo Canas is an experienced professional who has practiced in several clinics and participated as a speaker in seminars and conferences in several health universities among them ISAVE, exploring the main areas of Chinese Medicine.


Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy helped me enormously at different stages in my life and I began investigating why hypnotherapy is not more widely used. In particular, I noted there is very little help for people suffering with anxiety, stress and depression – the common ailments of our time.


I discovered Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) which combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with hypnosis. I opted to train in CBT because I was looking for evidence. I am a very practical person and as I pondered leaving the corporate world, I needed research and facts on why hypnotherapy works. Clinical studies show CBT is an effective treatment for anxiety and depression.


I decided to retrain as a hypnotherapist, studying for a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy with the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council which means I abide by their code of ethics. I also include NLP techniques and other content free methods and my approach is client based and adapted on an individual basis to each person who walks through my door.

I am a genuine, open, honest and serious person and I will take you and your problems seriously – and with confidentiality. With all my clients, I work on the basis of mutual trust and respect.


My practice in Luxembourg where I offer consultations in English or in French. I am fully bilingual, the product of an English father and a French mother." Contact Me 


Coaching Carrière /Career Coaching | Coaching Scolaire/Academic Guidance

FR: Tu cherches ta voie ? ta place ? ton équilibre ?

Certifiée coach professionnelle, je suis spécialisée dans le coaching de carrière, l’orientation professionnelle et scolaire ainsi que le coaching scolaire. Pour adultes et adolescents.

EN : Let’s find your way

Certified professional coach, I am specialised in career coaching, professional and academic guidance as well as in academic coaching. For adults and teens.

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J'accompagne les personnes qui souhaitent trouver un équilibre dans leur vie, retrouver l'énergie vitale de façon naturelle pour révéler la meilleur version d'eux même.

Je propose un accompagnement naturel associant des techniques de naturopathie et de soutien psychologique pour être au top de sa forme et devenir enfin celui ou celle que vous souhaitez devenir.

La Naturopathie offre une multitude de réponses naturelles que je vous invite à découvrir en prenant un 1er rendez-vous.

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Diététicienne | Nutritionniste | Auteur livre « STOP à l'obésité infantile. La génération de X-Large »

Ce que j’aime le plus dans mon travail de Diététicienne – Nutritionniste c’est d’écouter chaque patient (adulte ou enfant) pour répondre à ses attentes, pour proposer une méthode personnalisée qui respecte ses préférences et pour découvrir/connaître, sans cesse, ses besoins nutritionnels et émotionnels. Diplômée à l'Université Harokopio d'Athènes, en 2002, en tant que Diététicienne – Nutritionniste, j’ai continué ma formation professionnelle, désirant approfondir ma connaissance de la science de la nutrition par rapport à l'état mental / psychologique de la personne, avec des études en psychothérapie corporelle au Centre Grec de Biosynthèse. Ayant une relation particulière avec les petits patients j’ai écrit le livre intitulé « STOP à l'obésité infantile. La génération de X-large" (Ed. medNutrition 2013). De plus, mes autres activités de recherches portent sur: « La Nutrition pendant la grossesse », « Sont- elles correctement nourries les mères enceintes grecques?» et «Alimentation et allaitement». J’'ai participé à l'étude du Centre Grec de Biosynthèse sur « La façon dont les troubles de l'alimentation peuvent être traités avec la psychothérapie » et j’ai présenté avec mes collègues en psychothérapie, dans le cadre du 15th European Congress of Psychotherapy (Athènes 2016), le workshop, « The Embodied Self by Biosynthesis »,

Au cabinet j’effectue le bilan diététique et le calcul des besoins énergétiques et nutritionnels pour traiter efficacement le surpoids, l’obésité, le diabète de type 2, hypercholestérolémie, l’hypertension artérielle, les problèmes nutritionnels liés à la grossesse et à l’allaitement, les troubles du comportement alimentaire, le végétarisme, les pathologies digestives (régime d’épargne digestive, régime riche en fibres alimentaires), stéatose hépatique, l’intolérance au lactose, l’intolérance au gluten, l’insuffisance rénale chronique et d’autres complications pathologiques. Contact Me




Coming Soon


Massage Practitioner | Ayurveda | Hot Stone | 

My philosophy as a Massage Practitioner is to provide you with a massage adapted to your needs as part of your overall wellbeing. I am certified by l'Ecole du Wellness (Belgium) and am equally recognised by the Fédération Francophone des Praticiens du Massage. I am passionate about massage and helping others improve their wellbeing by offering massages that nurture each individual. Every treatment will be customised to your specific needs. Contact Me


Manual Therapy Practitioner 

Après un séjour profesionnel enrichissant à Singapour je suis maintenant installé au Luxembourg.

Je suis expert en Thérapies Manuelles, Massage Sportif,Certifié ITEC , Diplomé en Ostéopathie Structurelle et Sacro-Cranéale, Drainage Lymphatique Manuel ( Méthode du Dr Vodder), cette dernière méthode.

Favorise la circulation,élimine les liquides. Les techniques de massage contribuent à améliorer les défenses de l'organisme et aide à combattre la douleur.J'ai développé mon expérience profesionnelle dans des centres de Spa , Sportifs, et aussi en Hotels. J'ai aussi étudié à L'université Chinoise de Nanjing des techniques comme le Tui-Na et L'acuponcture. La combinaison de ces différentes techniques a apporté d'excellents résultats .Contact Me


Yoga Teacher

As a teenager, I was interested in mathematics and how the mind works. I went to the university and after four years I received a degree in mathematics. I continued with studying health and safety being more and more interested to make a difference in people’s life and in their well being. I started paying more attention to the world around me and noticed how it was getting faster and busier. Too many people seemed overworked and stressed out. It turns out that like physical exercise, taking time to calm the mind has also many benefits. From September I will be offering yoga classes at Flourish LAB on Tuesday evenings from 7- 8.30pm.  This class is focused on a relaxed pace, a simpler approach to the postures, breathing, restoratives and guided relaxation. beginners, people with joint or back problems, experienced students who want a slower paced class or those with post traumatic stress disorder. We will use positive affirmations and end class with a short meditation or guided relaxation. Please get in touch if you would like to join us or to find out more contact me


Yoga Teacher

Perla pratique depuis une dizaine d'années. C'est son professeur Claudine Hellinckx dans la tradition de Swami Sivananda, qui lui a donné envie d'approfondir et d'enseigner​ le yoga. De nombreaux stages et plusieurs séjours en Inde l'ont incitée à suivre une formation de yoga dans la tradition de Sri T. Krishnamacharya. Cette école nous enseigne à dépasser la seule pratique des postures, s'adapter à l'élève, tenant compte de sa santé, de son énergie, de son physique, de son sexe, de son âge. La synergie de ces deux traditions l'amène aujourd'hui à pouvoir vous offrir un yoga doux et ouvert à tous. Perla pratique depuis une dizaine d'années. C'est son professeur Claudine Hellinckx dans la tradition de Swami Sivananda, qui lui a donné envie d'approfondir et d'enseigner​ le yoga. De nombreaux stages et plusieurs séjours en Inde l'ont incitée à suivre une formation de yoga dans la tradition de Sri T. Krishnamacharya. Cette école nous enseigne à dépasser la seule pratique des postures, s'adapter à l'élève, tenant compte de sa santé, de son énergie, de son physique, de son sexe, de son âge. La synergie de ces deux traditions l'amène aujourd'hui à pouvoir vous offrir un yoga doux et ouvert à tous.Contact me


Non-profit Peacebuilding Organization

Koru is a non-profit peacebuilding organization founded and based in Luxembourg which has no religious or political affiliation.  Koru offers a variety of programs and activities to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle as well as encouraging the development of resilience in individuals and communities. Starting in October Koru will offer individual workshops as well as a series of wellbeing workshops at Flourish LAB. Our workshops and programs are highly interactive and packed with tools, techniques and strategies that you can use to reconnect with yourself and those around you at home, at work and in your community. You can find out more about us and our workshops here.


Parcours psycho-corporel

If you want to learn more about Chakras , how they contribute to your emotional and physical health, then join this program, we will meet once a month to learn and practice how to clear and boost the energy of each chakra. More info



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