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A caring, friendly, personal and specialised approach to your wellbeing

Flourish LAB

About us

Flourish LAB is a holistic wellbeing centre designed to give you an enhanced wellbeing experience. 

Our mission is to provide a caring, friendly and professional service to all our clients. At Flourish LAB we use our specialised expertise to offer a comprehensive range of treatments and practitioners to meet your wellbeing needs.

Everyone is different and every wellbeing plan is equally unique and personalised to suit you. 

We help wellbeing professionals take off !

We offer 8 stylish treatment rooms, a communal working space, group room and lounge area to meet and chat with other professionals. We have a range of flexible options to suit you, what ever your needs, to start your practice.

Join our practitioner community

At Flourish LAB our goal is to encourage, support and inspire one another.


We provide an innovative and inspiring environment to meet the needs of independent wellbeing practitioners.


Flourish Lab is a space where psychologically-minded individuals, coaching & wellbeing practitioners and social organisations can work, connect, collaborate and deepen work processes.