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Our team

let me introduce you to some wonderful people

We’re fortunate to work with an amazing team of talented people, from a range of diverse international, professional  & therapeutic backgrounds. 


Even more importantly, we (and you) get to work with a group of genuinely nice people!

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In a warm, safe, compassionate space, I use a variety of techniques adapted your personality style, needs and goals. My approaches are primarily rooted in Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, understanding the connections between thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. I use Eastern techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, controlled breathing, and relaxation skills, to assist all clients and incorporate principles from empirically supported treatment techniques reflecting up-to-date research  read more ...


My mission is to support you in phases of your life when things are not going well, you lack the strength to live your life to the fullest, or you feel you have not "arrived" yet. I would like to invite you to relax, to recharge your batteries and to be inspired. As a trained light path therapist, healing energetics coach and sophrologist, I would like to offer young people and adults a space in which they can open their heart and consciously perceive their body and in which they are allowed to feel understood. I am offering individual sessions and group meditation sessions at Flourish LAB read more . . . 


As a teenager, I was interested in mathematics and how the mind works. I went to the university and after four years I received a degree in mathematics. I continued with studying health and safety being more and more interested to make a difference in people’s life and in their well being. I started paying more attention to the world around me and noticed how it was getting faster and busier. Too many people seemed overworked and stressed out. It turns out that like physical exercise, taking time to calm the mind has also many benefits. From 11th September I will be offering yoga classes at Flourish LAB on Tuesday evenings from 7- 8.30pm.  This class is focused on a relaxed pace, a simpler approach to the postures, breathing, restoratives and guided relaxation. beginners, people with joint or back problems, experienced students who want a slower paced class or those with post traumatic stress disorder. We will use positive affirmations and end class with a short meditation or guided relaxation. Please get in touch if you would like to join us or to find out more about me, click here

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Koru is a non-profit peacebuilding organization founded and based in Luxembourg which has no religious or political affiliation.  Koru offers a variety of programs and activities to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle as well as encouraging the development of resilience in individuals and communities. Starting in October Koru will offer individual workshops as well as a series of wellbeing workshops at Flourish LAB. Our workshops and programs are highly interactive and packed with tools, techniques and strategies that you can use to reconnect with yourself and those around you at home, at work and in your community. You can find out more about us and our workshops here.

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I have been practising yoga for over 23 years and have teaching for  years. My doctor sent me to yoga when I was in my teens. I trained for a decade with my Indian teacher and completed a Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training. I teach in Luxembourgish and English. After many years of focusing on very dynamic styles of Yoga I realised that a yoga pose does not look or feel the same for any of us and that the practice needs to be adapted to every individual body to create well-being in our bodies while experiencing lightness and fun on the yoga mat. I followed courses in Yoga Anatomy and experimental anatomy. This training and many years of practising dynamic yoga styles influence how I practice today. From 30th September I will be offering yoga classes at Flourish LAB on Sunday mornings from 10 - 11.30am. Please get in touch if you would like join us.