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Tel: 691 127 532 / 691 259 296

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Our Place


Flourish Lab is a space where psychologically-minded individuals,

wellbeing practitioners and organisations can work, connect, collaborate and deepen their work processes. 

Our space is set up so you have 8 beautiful and modern

consultation offices to choose from to meet with clients.


Flourish LAB provides a warm and relaxed atmosphere where you

and your clients can feel welcome and safe. 


You have access to our community space to meet up with other members, take lunch or simply chat together. All rooms are well furnished and ready to go!

The top 3 complaints of professionals in private practice:

1. It's lonely

Even practitioners sharing an office with friends never see their office colleagues because everyone stays behind closed doors. We offer a community space and regular social events to help you feel connected, seen and supported.

2. I feel a bit lost

Sharing knowledge is the key to a successful private practice. At Flourish LAB you will have the support of your colleagues who are going through the same steps.

3. A full-time office simply costs too much

Flourish LAB gives you access to a flexible, co-working style office space and community. With 8 rooms to choose from and flexible booking options, you book where you want, when you want. Your membership includes access to community space, social events and trainings.

Our supportive community provides all you need to make your practice flourish!

Our Rooms

comfortable, welcoming and private

Flexible Timings · WIFI · Well Furnished Rooms · Kitchen · Secure & Quiet Space

Every room is furnished differently, some have high quality desks in addition to comfortable armchairs and sofas.


There is a waiting room for clients and a kitchen for your use.


Access to the buildings' high speed internet access is available at no additional cost.

Flourish LAB caters for talking therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists, physical therapists and similar non-clinical practitioners who are looking for a comfortable, welcoming and private therapy room.

Terms are flexible with rooms available to rent by the half day or day or on a part-time and full-time basis.


We understand that growing a practice can be difficult so we are there to try and make it easier.