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welcome to wellness 

Flourish LAB.


Flourish LAB is your complete ecosystem for wellness. We bring together Western and Eastern practices that empower our community to take greater agency for their health. 

At Flourish LAB, your wellbeing is integrated, proactive and personalised, leading to a more balanced you.

Studies show you’re more than twice as likely to reach your health goals if you have a support system. That’s why we’re creating content to guide you, spaces to gather in and products to support your journey so you don’t have to go at it alone when it comes to wellness.


Welcome to Flourish LAB.

Choose from a wide range of mental health and complementary therapies, counselling and coaching



Sometimes we can get a little stuck and need help. Therapies, whether talking, bodywork or energy-based, boost our body's own healing mechanisms. read more


We specialize in nurturing & therapeutic massage treatments, where all your needs are taken care of with attention, comfort & kindness. read more


Create a life & body you are thrilled to wake up in. Here you will be inspired by our powerful Yoga & Meditation classes that will sculpt your life & body into its best shape ever allowing you to move with power, grace & ease. read more

Rent a Room

Consider Flourish LAB. Wellbeing Centre's therapy rooms or studio for your practice. Enjoy the support of our community of over 20 therapists. Read more

Workplace Wellbeing

Thinking of a Health & Wellness programme for your staff? We offer a range of packages from Corporate Yoga, Meditation and Reiki to onsite Massage. Read more


Our workshops usually take place in the evenings or at the weekends, they can last an hour or the whole weekend.  They always are immersive, inspiring & in some cases life changing! Read more

relax   re-connect  re-energise

Relax - Reconnect - Revitalise

At Flourish LAB, a commitment to service is at the core of everything we do. We’ve searched high and low to find the finest wellness practitioners from around the world. Their extensive experience brings unparalleled therapeutic power, care and knowledge to our clients in a holistic, integrated fashion.

Specialist Programs and Workshops

As well as our one-off holistic treatments, we offer a number of bespoke treatment programmes for a range of specific circumstances.

Let's make taking care of yourself 
feel easy

You are at the center of your experience at Flourish LAB. Through an extensive intake and health history, we take into consideration your personal needs, goals and interests and provide you with the tools and information to empower you to take greater agency for your health.

Browse our practitioners or contact us to discuss which treatment might be most suitable for you.

Our knowledgeable team will be happy to take you through the benefits and uses of each treatment in more detail.

How to Book and Costs

The costs of treatment depend upon the treatment involved and the practitioner. Contact the practitioner directly to find out about costs and availability.


All details about practitioner availability, background and how to book a consultation are on our timetable.

Opening Hours 

Monday - Friday                   07h00 - 21h00

Saturday                              08h00 - 17h00

You're twice as likely to reach your wellbeing goals when you have a support system

Ideally Located

Flourish LAB is perfectly situated in the heart of Luxembourg city, a stone’s throw from the train station and bus stop Paris/Zitha. 


Lines: all city lines


Main station 5 mins walk


Vel'oh station - Place de Strasbourg (1 minute walk)


Fort Wedell Car Park (5 mins walk)

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Transport someone to a place of relaxation, rejuvenation and recovery

Everyone loves the chance to leave life's pressures behind and escape to peace & tranquility

Flourish LAB can take you there